The biggest obstacle that a lot of new business owners of start-ups face is time management.

We can all agree that it is difficult to get a workflow going and then a meeting interrupts it fairly often. I mean that’s what we do as business owners right?

Overcoming Obstacles

No, being a business owner does not mean you need to fill your schedule with unproductive meetings that are not going to benefit your business unless it’s a client meeting.

How can you say that?

Well, there are a lot of software, businesses, and marketing businesses trying to take your time away from you achieving your daily goal, which is to grow your business.

If you are going to be setting up business meetings think to yourself, how is this benefiting me at the moment and where is this going to take me to my next goal? If you do not have a quick response to that question, then delay that meeting.

Task Management

How are you handling your tasks? Do you have a task management software that is helping you with your daily time efficient needs?

If that is a no, then it’s time to jump on it. I recommend a software designed by Citrix called Podio, and Podio is free up to 5 users.

Marketing and ROI

As a business owner, you have 1 million things to do and that also requires marketing your business. Unless you have a marketing business or internal marketing team then you need to make sure you hire a third party.

How does hiring a third party Marketing company help me grow my business, isn’t it expensive?

Business growth starts with you focusing on your business and allowing a marketing team help grow your business as you focus on your products or services.

Hiring a marketing team can be expensive if you are not seeing an ROI, not only will it be expensive but also you aren’t going to benefit from that marketing company.

So how can I weed out the bad to the good?

This is a simple process, ask the company you are looking to hire certain questions like;

  • Does your business do reporting?
  • What type of reports do you do? (ROI, Analytics, etc..)
  • How do you plan your campaigns?
  • What is included in costs? (email campaigns, paid search, web services etc..)

This was just a simple layout, but you as a business owner, you need to know your goals and be direct with execution.


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