Tools, tools, and more tools! A handyman can’t make repairs on a home if he doesn’t have his daily toolkit, right? Then why would it be any different for us marketers?

Here I am going to let you in on my top 5 favorite tools I utilize for our business here at Active Digital.


1. Google Analytics

Ok, is this cliche? You would think so because you see it everywhere. Google Analytics is by far one of my favorite and most powerful tools out there. Guess what? It’s FREE!

You need to measure your traffic and track what visitors are doing when they visit and how they visit! When setting up Google Analytics make sure to set up Google Tag Manager as well.

Great things about Google Analytics is you can track traffic, source/medium, behavior flow, events, and conversions. I would recommend on hiring a service like us here Active Digital to set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

2. Moz

Have you ever wondered what keywords you should track and what keywords you are ranking in? This is the perfect tool to use just for that.

I have been using Moz for about 3 years now and it definitely has been a lifesaver. You can track keywords and see how you are ranking with those keywords compared to your competitors.

Moz also gives you an understanding of the data and how much traffic you should receive organically if you rank 1 – 3.

Moz is a powerful tool and I recommend giving it a try.


3. Quora

So, I have come to some dead ends with trying to figure out what businesses are asking and how I can serve them.

Quora is that tool. Quora is a website with a lot of members asking questions and also answering. Usually, the one who answers and the answer is realistic, the members who are interested in the question upvote the person who answered it correctly.

I normally go to Quora to find the questions people are asking, but I also go on to answer as much as possible. Why? Because the more practice I get answering questions the better I am to be responsive when a question comes my way.


4. Podio

I am so busy and I very forgetful. Due to those 2 things, I need something to keep me intact with my tasks. Podio is the perfect Task Manager software that could go above and beyond your needs.

Podio is free up to 5 users and has some restrictions when free for automation.

Podio can connect to your Google Calendar or even Apple Calendar. Podio makes it easy to track your day, but this can only work if you adopt the Podio Task lifestyle and utilize it for that purpose.

Podio also can work as a CRM but a very limited CRM so I don’t highly recommend using it for those purposes. If you need a company to set up your Podio software to use it for those higher purposes that it offers. I recommend a company called Able Source

Make sure you mention Daniel Rochin sent you.


5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an upcoming All-In-One CRM tool. If you are looking for a good CRM with a good Email Campaign software than this is it, look no more.

ActiveCampaign is about $39/month annually for small/medium size businesses, but you can’t complain about that price.

A CRM is the most vital tool a business can have, why? Because you need a place to store your lead/customer data. Also, when doing email campaigns you want to make sure you have the database correctly segmented so you don’t have a high dropout/unsubscribed drop off.

If you are only looking for an eMail Campaign software than I highly recommend using CampaignMonitor which is also fairly simple and easy to use.


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